Online physiotherapy sessions

During the unprecedented times that the world finds itself as a result of Covid-19, face to face clinical sessions are no longer able to go ahead due to patient safety.

However, Julie appreciates that a large number of patients find themselves with painful injuries that they are unsure how to manage and anxious that they cannot access a physio, as a result Julie is delighted to now be able to offer online physiotherapy sessions. These have been running for a number of weeks and are proving very valuable in allowing patients to continue with rehabilitation progression and receive the level of support required to get through injury. 


During the online sessions Julie will ask the same questions that she would face to face, you will then be asked to perform a range of movements to let Julie see how you are moving. Following this Julie can have an in-depth discussion regarding the nature of the injury, the likely healing time. Following that Julie will design and discuss a rehabilitation programme for you, there is no need to remember the details of the programme as Julie will send you a link following the consultation which will detail all exercises and how to perform them. 

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